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"The art to think of safety"
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Our services

Our solutions and services are made in a purpose of complementarity to companies

Audit, Advice, Study

Analysis of the working environment, the assistance to the writing of single document, establishment of the action plan and the valuation of points to be handled.


Prevention of the work difficulty

Evaluates engineering tutelage of formation, creation of formation and action plans and its followed.

Air control & data analys (UAV)

Services of non destructive measures in height, visual expertise, inspection, follow up and reception, capture of data for the strategy of setting up construction site, protect management, summary of disasters and damage, evolutionary or real time measures...

Interventions of difficult acces

Services of maintenance in Industry, on energetic production machines, old constructions or contemporary, Civil Engineering structure, naturals sites...

   Works of difficult acces in height                 Works of dificult acces in confined and underground mid


Works of securring

Services upstream to the operations of maintenance which aim at preventing the risks and at defining the actions for the studies, the realization, and the controls of security systems of the men..

Securring against falls



Management of urgency, disasters and bad weather
Maintenance, control* and verification. Securring of sites after disasters or an urgency situation, technical management technique of urgency for the men's protection, goods and the infrastructures.

Our secondary services
 - Formations : Audit, Advice, On-site support
Use of materials and safety equipments against falls, technical acces to ropes, interventions in confined mid and techniques of evacuation and help.

 - Sales and location of material : distributor and renter of material and equipment antichute (Approvals wordwilde recognized suppliers)


Our others services


Sales of safety equipment against falls

Quality, Safety, Respect of the Environment :

 It's with the respect of people and the environment that our company goes beyond of his responsabilities and legal regulations to put a lot into the human capital
and the sustainable development.


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