21/01/19 – Bruxelles : Equivalence Treaty MASE/VCA
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25 February 2019
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25 February 2019
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21/01/19 – Bruxelles : Equivalence Treaty MASE/VCA

Bruxelles 2018-04-12, Equivalent treaty MASE / VCA

VCA is born in Netherlands, its approach is frequently uses in Belgium.

Systems use in France and in german-speaker world are the closest to the original concept of VCA.

VCA is now harmonized with SCC, uses by Germany, Switzerland and Austria

MASE (FR) : Manuel d’amélioration sécurité des entreprises
VCA (NL) : Veiligheidschecklist voor Aannemers
SCC (DE) : Sicherheits Certifikat Contraktoren

ACROTIR and ADS’AD, our borders subsidiaries meet the needs of certificates MASE, VCA and SCC