Energy and Environment

Energy and Environment

ACROTIR® specialist of the putting in a safe place against the falls, the works of difficult accesses in height, in stuffy or underground circles since 1990.

We bring the safety necessary for those who work in height or in the places of difficult accesses. We complete the interventions of industrial maintenance and on structures of energy production.

Acrotir brings its expertise in the field of energy and the environment

With a recognized know-how and a control of the specific techniques, we intervene on multiple sites in France and on the international stage, by assuring a wide range of services for the industry, the civil engineering, the BTP, and sometimes event,…

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ACROTIR® offers service of global prestations falls safety ; improved the men safety and with industrial poilitical, guarantee the infrastructure safety.

Have your installations serviced regularly before real damage damages your equipment

They trust in us :

They trust in us : “ANDRA, AREVA, EDF Hydraulique France et International, EDF Nucléaire, Thermique et ENR, ITER PROJECT, GDF SUEZ, REPOWER, SIEMENS, VEOLIA, VNF,…”