Engineering and Conception

Engineering and Conception

The group brings innovative solutions and anticipates the future needs.

  • A unit interns of Research and development from 2 to 5 year degree : creation of new products and new solutions to improve the safety and make the technological surveillance.
  • An integrated consulting engineers
  • Quality Health Safety and Environment manager

The group provides innovative solutions and anticipates future needs

Various ways :

Audit, Advice, Study:

  • Analysis of the working environment, the assistance to the writing of single document, establishment of the action plan and the valuation of points to be handled according to methodologies recommended by the “Regional Retirement Insurance and Occupational Health Offices”.

Prevention of the work difficulty:

  • Evaluates engineering tutelage of formation, creation of formation and action plans and its followed.

On-site support coordination :

  • Consideration of the risk of fall of height and implementation of the necessary safety devices to contribute to a coordination of construction site control.

Air control & data analysis (assistance d’aéronefs inhabités pilotés à distance*):

  • Capture and data processing (uav), development of 3D software, BIM.

We are able to developing and designing technical custom-made solution.

We propose technical solution in answer to environmental requirements or to specific requests according to needs costumers, while respecting the technical confines, normative and regulatory.