Follow-up and On-site support

Follow-up and On-site support

From the follow-up of the operations to the assistance of the coordination SPS in the domain against fall…..

We intervene in every phase of your project according to its needs and its evolutions regarding accesses and works in height.

  • for the securization of the accesses in height by the installation of anti falls package.
  • for the realization of works in difficult accesses or on-site support of the technicians as the case may be.

Our strength : faculty and rigor in our organization / know-how and professionalism.

Monitoring of SPS coordination assistance operations in the fall protection area

An on-site support, a collaboration: the answer to the statutory requirements

We propose to the SME to take advantage of our experience regarding safety and health in the work through trainings or through on-site support Quality Security Environment.

  • Diagnosis :
    • To estimate the degree of conformity and the difference which it will handle there.
    • To define the take actions and to set up an action plan.
  • Training :
    • To make sensitive and make aware of the employees, the people in charge of mission safety, and the direction.
    • To relay the necessary knowledge to work in his company on the Quality Security Environmental questions in any autonomy.
  • On-site support :
    • To facilitate the documentary steps.
    • To facilitate the transfer of knowledge.

To answer the statutory requirements or turn to the obtaining of Certifications such as ISO, MASE, Qualibat,… : We offer the diagnosis..

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