Post Disasters Response

Post Disasters Response

A reactive and global optimized service adapted to the securring of casualty site or in situation of danger implementing key solutions which answer the standards and the individual requirements relative to infrastructures and to their environment

ACROTIR® takes into account every situation to develop an operational mode of Emergency situation, to implement all the action to take with the decision-makers and to take into account the value chain of risk*: bad weather, fire, floods, industrial or technologicals risks, pollution (air or ground), explosions…

Emergency number
24/7 :

  • A single contact person for the implementation and the follow-up, the coordinator of all the phases of the service, from the logistic management and its consequences (conservation measures, analysis of the real situation + establishment of report,support to the restoration)
  • A capacity to mobilize formed teams adapted to every situation
  • An exploitable list of partners and suppliers for every type of risk
  • The surveillance of the organization, the engineering and its implementation
  • The research of particular solutions and the use of specialized or custom-made material
  • The advice to utilisation and to creation of operationals modes
  • The follow-up or the inspection and the maintenance
  • The speed of intervention to refocus at best on the activities and the putting back the fonction of the production device

* The value chain of risk: The made or stocked products can activate a combination of risks and lead to an empirical process of chain reaction.