Our company

Our company

ACROTIR®, spécialist of the putting in a safe place against the falls, the works of difficult accesses at height or in mid air confined/underground since 1990.

From the contribution of safety of the men to the securring goods, each of our actions from a reflection of Strategic Long-Lastic Investment contributes to secure and to strengthen assets. So, this virtuous circle always generates more comfort, quality and added value.

Laurent ACROTIR® CEO, talks about it in a video for “Passeport pour la franchise 2014” (in french):

Certifications :

2016 – 2019 Renouvellement Certification MASE Est (OHSAS 18001)
2016 Labellisation Pôle de Compétitivité Materalia
2012-2016 Qualibat 4411 / 4441 (Métallerie)
Qualibat 1452 (Travaux sur Cordes)
Qualibat 6133 (Peinture Industrielle
2015 Amiante SS4 – Opérateurs et personnel encadrant – RGE
2013 – 1 er réseau de compétences mutualisées Urgence-Sinistre
– Projet R&D pour sécuriser la maintenance en silo / PCRD H2020
2010 – 2012 CARSAT : Contrat de prévention des risques professionnels

Certified Installer “Expert Quality” and approvals :

Spérian, Safety Concept, Tractel, Dani Alu, Somain, Capital Safety

Presence and Mandates :

  • OPPBTP : Member of regional committee
  • FFB : Leader Prevention-safety and Member of CRPRP
  • Professional Chamber metalwork; vice-president
  • Secondary school for vocational training: council of technical education

Relations with offices or bodies of external departments :

  • Controls-équipements of safety against fall, training, audit, advice, and also with the authorities: CARSAT, Factory inspectorate
  • Chair of pole YES, Your Energy Solution who includes 20 companies.
  • SFETH (French Syndicat of the companies of the work in height): Administrator Member of the jury of examenination DPMC (Dévelopment and Promotion of the Jobs by the Rope)

Our team, our sites, our presence

A team of certified professionals :
CQP1, 2 and 3 (only 12 CQP3 in France), Risk Asbestos, HN1/HN2/QSP/PR1/PR2 (nuclear), ATEX, A.R.I, SST, RC 1 and 2, soldering, HACCP, CACES nacelles and machines of handling, boating licences, allow trailer…

An integrated consulting engineers

Quality Health Safety and Environment manager

Equipped workshop :
Zones of storage, access trucks, garage and commercial vehicles

A unit interns of Research and development from 2 to 5 year degree :
creation of new products and new solutions to improve the safety and make the technological surveillace

A person in charge of coordination schedules

A sales department and a permanent secretarial department
– 7 offices in metropolitan France,
– 1 antenne délocalisée en Guyane,
– 1 Office relocated in Guiana,
– 1 Office relocated in Maroc

* The activity of inspection is incompatible with the exercise of any activity of conception, execution or expertise
ACROTIR works in synergy with ISOTECH (body of control of the interventions, of normalization of modalities of intervention, des controls of anchoring, of regulatory monitoring) and C.A.F.S.A.T (Advice, Audit, Training to the Safety AntiFalls of Workers)

ACROTIR®is a registered trademark

From the study to the reception, ACROTIR ® brings the answer antifalls in association with OSH expert and the prime contracting.
Communities, industries, BTP and environments / energy

Considering every realization, we multiply the initiatives and the alternative solutions to bring the most adapted solutions. We act in the works difficult to access, safety works, damage emergencies or bad weather, by respecting the men, the current laws, the environment and compliance with standards.

Our solutions and services are made in a purpose of complementarity to companies

Audit, Advice, Study
Analysis of the working environment, the assistance to the writing of single document, establishment of the action plan and the valuation of points to be handled.

Prevention of the work difficulty
Evaluates engineering tutelage of formation, creation of formation and action plans and its followed.

Air control & data analys (UAV)
Services of non destructive measures in height, visual expertise, inspection, follow up and reception, capture of data for the strategy of setting up construction site, protect management, summary of disasters and damage, evolutionary or real time measures…

Interventions of difficult acces
Services of maintenance in Industry, on energetic production machines, old constructions or contemporary, Civil Engineering structure, naturals sites…

Works of securring
Services upstream to the operations of maintenance which aim at preventing the risks and at defining the actions for the studies, the realization, and the controls of security systems of the men..

Management of urgency, disasters and bad weather
Maintenance, control* and verification. Securring of sites after disasters or an urgency situation, technical management technique of urgency for the men’s protection, goods and the infrastructures.

Our secondary services
Formations : Audit, Advice, On-site support
Use of materials and safety equipments against falls, technical acces to ropes, interventions in confined mid and techniques of evacuation and help.

Sales and location of material : distributor and renter of material and equipment antichute (Approvals wordwilde recognized suppliers)

Our others services : Formations, Sales of safety equipment against falls